Time to restart the antiwar movement.

Every president since Nixon has kept us out of a war with North Korea. Now, the talk of war seems to creep into every political conversation, and that should scare the daylights out of every thinking American. We do not need, and cannot abide, another shooting war! Our military must, absolutely, be held in total and complete readiness, with practice runs to verify its capability, but readiness must never be used as a justification for preemption. Remember  how George W Bush responded to the question of why he would invade Iraq? His response: ”Because I can!” That was insanity then and would be insanity now. Trump knows two things: 1, His presidency is on shaky ground, and 2, A president is less likely to be changed (impeached) during wartime. What can be done now to prevent the unthinkable?

Hello Sosbees

This is the new sosbee.com, now in word press.  I am going to figure out how dad can post easily, and then you can come here for his wisdom whenever you feel like gettin’ some.